Why would you want to get into linux when you have windows and Mac OS out there?

Well… the simple answer is that linux is open-source and amazingly varied. You have dozen of programming languages to learn with, obviously its free which is a major plus point,

For me its down to two very simple things really… the shell and linux community

This section I’m going to explain my best versions of linux (its ubuntu), the things you should know in linux, how linux works, and well lots of other linux help

I recently had to explain to my colleagues about why we use Ubuntu for the majority of our servers – this was the email

With the future release of ubuntu coming out this month I thought I would put together some information about Ubuntu and the different versions of the server that we are currently using
Different Ubuntu Versions

Ubuntu comes in two flavours x.04 and x.10 with the current latest release being 12.10 and we are awaiting the release of 13.04 this month
x.04 - Stable versions and released in April – We would always use a x.04 version as this is the only version that comes in LTS
x.10  - Beta versions for testing new features for the next 04 release and is released in October

Normal releases, server or desktop, are supported for 18 months.
LTS (Long Term Support) releases before 12.04 are supported for three years on the desktop and five years on the server.
LTS releases 12.04 and later are now supported for five years on both the desktop and the server.
LTS releases - Updates for potential security problems and bugs, enterprise focused, compatible with new hardware and extended beta testing window

The below timeline shows the release pattern since 10.04 which is the first version of Ubuntu to be used with our web servers. As you can see we are using Ubuntu 12.04 on the majority of our servers which means its supported until 2017-04 and by this time our server upgrade path would have taken us to 14.04 LTS which covers us to 2019-04
Our Servers: 

95% = 12.04
4% = 10.04
1% = 11.04

The 4% are old servers but its still supported to 2015 due to being an LTS serving and is code named Lucid 

The 1% is using 11.04 which is not a LTS release and official support for this server ended in October 2012 which means this is on community support and using the Lucid package management. This was the test bed server prior to the move to 12.04 for other servers. This server would need a server upgrade path to 11.10 and then 12.04. This is nothing to worry about as the server is still updated and secure plus the long term future of the server probably involve a rebuild.