Google Nexus 7 and Ubuntu 12.10 transfer files

As its Christmas time and me being a lucky boy I got given a Google nexus 7 which I’m very much enjoying.  Which I’m using at the moment to write this blog and I really can’t stress how amazing it is. Writing on a 7in tablet is easily then I thought and not to be much leaning to much towards the nexus but the OS…wow! Its a massive step forward since I last used an android phone or tablet.

So straight away downloading the android terminal gives you full access to Linux base OS and you can get access to all the hidden data of the installed programs. It seems like we might be spending quite a bit of time on the nexus and seeing what we can do with access to linux backend.

I’m at my mums for christmas using her Ubuntu laptop and realised that I need to install some tools for the nexus to be connected. The best protocol to use with connecting is MTP which is the media transfer protocol and from this will need to get hardware information to be able to make a mount. I’ve add all the commands into a bash script (run as root) so you should be able to do this in one go but make sure your nexus is turned on and unlocked. Enjoy


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  1. Sorry about this but the code highlighter I’m using changing >> to >> you will have to change these in the scripts to get it to work


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