Getting rid of the SSL pass for apache

Getting rid of the SSL pass for apache

Having a passphrase on apache is good thing for security as it adds another layer of security like stopping an intruder on the system to making you web directives public, etc but it does mean that you are relaying on manual input to get apache started each time. On an automatic restart this can become¬†problematic as it will wait for for the passphrase before it can start up. So I’m going to show you how to remove an apache passphrase, in my example rather then mess with the whole SSL cert we produce another private key with no passpharse that only apache will use.

You will need to be sudo for this and be in the directory where the private key is located

Now we need to find where your apache ssl config is placed and open the file

Change private key info to point to new in this case is just adding .nopass to the end of the file
Now on the next restart apache will not ask for the pass

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