Football weather & travel – Do I need a coat?

Football weather & travel – Do I need a coat?

Firstly massive thanks to the team who without them this app would not of happened!

Well I really wanted to design this app to see where it could go but mostly to get my skills up on api calls and JSON data. The app is designed in javascript and using the phonegap method to package it all together.


What is the app?

Football weather in the UK and travel advice to the ground. The app will show the current fixtures for this weeks matches with the correct start times, by clicking on the fixture you will either get a forecast weather prediction for the weather at the ground and if its 4 hours before kick off then you get the current weather at the ground. Also you have the ability to load up your current location and travel directions from here to the ground.

Technology’s used

  1. Geo location to get your current location
  2. Database of all grounds in the UK
  3. 3 different api calls to get weather, fixtures and google maps
  4. angular JS – learning this now (thanks  Tony)
  5. Pulling data from linuxgalaxy using http
  6. moment js

I plan to learn a lot from this app and to carry on its development but mostly to learn from it and what I can achieve with it. Please visit the google play store and search from “Football weather & travel UK” or visit this link

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