Building an android app using phonegap on ubuntu

The first app

So the first android app is out on the google play market place and the app just a bit of fun to learn how to develop android applications.
This blog will show you how I designed the app, built the app, signed the app and uploaded the app to google.
First off the idea for the app needed to be simple and fun also I wanted to design it completely as a web application. The idea is from the infamous thundercat out-takes of the early 90′s and the app would aptly named ‘Samoflange’.   So off I went to design a simple two page web application – first page to play the outtake and second page some fun on what a samoflange could be.  With some styling help and comedy writing help from some friends the web app was ready.
I decided on using which is an amazing tool that will compile your html, javascript and css into multiple different phone apps. Using is I run into trouble with the javascript and html5 process for playing audio from with phonegap so I after some research I came across cordova which is the api needed for use with phonegap. Below is the simple audio player function that is used in the app.

Once this has been completed the new APK file was ready for download and after a bit of trial and error the application was ready to be uploaded to my newly signed up google developer account.

You actually need to sign the apk file so its not in debug mode otherwise google will not allow you to upload this. I was surprised by the lack of information on signing this key so I’ve written a script to do the key signing. The script will ask ask you for the app name and store the key as the app it will then ask you for alias name for the app which is needed in phonegap to complete the signing process. After this information has been in-putted then you will be ask to enter two passwords remember these as you will need to unlock the key within phonegap.

Phonegap will ask for the title of the key and the alias name which you would have in-putted into the script and finally to upload the key file from where you have stored it locally

To proceed with the rebuild of the apk file you need to unlock the key with the certificate password and keystore password which you would have entered from running the script

After this has been done the app uploaded fine to the app store and after 24 hours its downloadable. Its been a fun first app to learn about the app process and has given me lots of ideas for the future



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