Well this is my first time creating a website/apps and its going to be an interesting challenge  Whereas in my day job I work for an international company in charge of the IT, what this actually means is I have to make all the fun and scary decisions on the direction our the technology takes. I’ve always been a big linux fan and from the first day of joining my company I introduced linux globally for internal and external use. Part of my day to day job is to maintain multiple web servers, design scripts, build linux servers, deal with clients, research new technologies, and well all the other lovely bits of IT.

Anyway this is sounding quite dull basically I love linux, I’m not a linux guru but I’m pretty sure I can help people get into linux or just enjoy the ramblings of one linux user to other linux users.

I was looking for a domain name and via a large list I found this name that sounded rather catching. The point of this website is slightly unclear at this stage, half blog about my day to day use of linux in my commercial environment and the rest scripts I design, news about linux, how to get into linux and lots of other hopefully interesting parts.

So thats me and welcome to linuxgalaxy.com

Well my name is Billy and this is a recent picture of me from Nepal